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Topics in wrong locations

  • Hello,

    there are many topics concerning building Qt from source and other strictly programming-related issues... in the "Beta testing" subforum. One doesn't need to search long to find other subforums cluttered with topics obviously not where they belong.

    Firstly, is reporting such a topic a good way of handling it? The description for the reporting window suggests it should be used for inappropriate posts, which, though a bit vague, suggests offensive material, in my opinion - and simply creating a topic in the wrong location is not very offensive.

    Secondly, perhaps the topic moving rights could be given at a certain rank to allow users to move the topics around? It certainly doesn't seem to be too dangerous.

    Would love to get some answers.


  • Hey, you are right. I had not even noticed that:/ Most of the topics should be moved to a more appropriate place now.

    Users of a certain rank can become admins and those are allowed to move topics. So go for dinosaur breeder, join the admin ranks and start moving postings around;)

  • Thanks for the answer, Tobias. Dinosaur Breeder seems far away, especially since I have only just begun on the forums, but will work on it. ;-)

    Would you give me an insight on the "report" option as well?

  • The report option is going straight to the admins running the servers. I can't see them, so I can not comment.

    Sending a message to one of the top-ten users (or me:) might get results faster if forum admins are sufficient to solve the problem.

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