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Current tag unification efforts?

  • Hello,

    browsing through tens of topics to compare the tags they have led me to thinking that they are messy and chaotic. The guidelines are not written clear enough, and the many different versions of a should-be-single tag (qt5, qt 5, qt_5, qt_5.0, etc. and so on), just for example. Most topics on the forum regarding tags are a bit old - and I see a few of them mentioning the same topic as here and ending up, to put it straight, dead.

    Are there any tag unification tools or mass tag changing tools available? I know that users with higher rank can remove tags, but this seems like a slave work taking the topics count into consideration.
    Is there a recommended tags list (that could end the issue with different writing variants)?
    Is anything happening right now with how tags are and will be handled?

    Thank you for any answers and explanations.


  • Moderators

    When we started we agreed to use spaces and to write out "and" (instead of using '&'). So that would be "qt 5.1" and "signals and slots".

    I am not aware of any tag-update tools available to people that do not have access to the raw database:( There seems to be away to rewrite tags when they are entered, but that is not well maintained (try entering "devnet" and you will get "qt devnet").

  • Continuing the topic:

    Would it be "signals and slots", not "signal and slot"? "Tagging guidelines": discourage plurals, but this case (and any other similar) is different than just a simple plural form.

    Is there a list of approved and recommended tags, anyway? Something that would effectively put an end to such issues?

    Where would tag merge requests fit in? There are quite a few "groups" of variants of a single tag. Is there someone able and/or responsible for doing tag merging?

    Looking at "this old thread":, I see that there is a lot going on with the tagging system... or at least was. Can anyone tell me whether the process of improving tagging is still ongoing? This "epic being closed": isn't particularly promising and tag auto-correction doesn't seem to work anymore (tested on tags concerning Qt version, which were said to be corrected automatically in old threads about tagging).

  • Also, adding whole topic title as tag, is bad idea too.

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