Paid Tutoring over Skype (Qt 5.1 Android, Playbook)

  • Hi,
    i like to have a tutorial over Skype to help me build and deploy a simple hello world (Qt 5.1 QML) app on an android device and a blackberry playbook (i have the files for the developer mode) and i like to understand how to manage (the "KIT" for Qt)
    so i can port my Symbian apps.

    i'm in Montreal, Canada. so we have to find a good time to match your free time with mine
    we can work on Ubuntu or on Windows 7, and i can speak English, French and Arabic.

    i have a generic android tablet 7in and a Blackberry playbook.
    i can develop with QML & JS but no C

    Please, contact me and precise your hour rate ($/h)

    Thank you and have a nice day


  • Hi. I'm from Italy (gmt+1). I can help you with Qt - Necessitas - Android. I have no experience with Blackberry but I have wrote an application for Android (look at my website, DomusBoss. It's easy).
    If you want you can send me an email. Bye bye.

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    hi I am Sujan a freelancer from India. We have a team of outstanding engineers in India. Please check my website
    Please contact me if you’re interested to work with us. Thanks Sujan

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    Sujan, it is rude to advertise your company in other people's threads, especially since the original poster did NOT ask about work. Post a new thread yourself if you want to advertise.

  • As far as I remember, Blackberry announced that they are not gonna focus on tablets, so if you're learning QT, I would not recommend going with Blackberry Playbook.

    Blackberry did a great job with support Qt, but they are not a strong player on the tablet market to consider them as primary platform.

    As for Symbian, it's losing market and it's not gonna a major player/system. Still a lot of phones running Symbian, but the amount is decreasing.

    If you're learning Qt, I would suggest going with standard desktop apps and then try Qt Android. Qt Android has some issue, but definitely Android is the main mobile platform to focus on.

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