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Missing Wiki Feature: Discussion/Talk pages

  • Large wiki's usually have Discussion or Talk counterparts to every single page. Usually this is achieved by appending/prepending (:)Talk(:) to the page URL. Then a link is added - usually near the edit link - which changes color depending on whether someone has started a discussion or not.

    They are pages which editors can use to discuss improvements to an article. I think this is an important feature for the Dev Net wikis, where information can be placed by anyone and read by all Qt developers.

    I've already spotted several pages, where I think incorrect information is posted or the page should be structured differently. Making my changes without alerting the author would be rude, and not conducive to collaborative editing where very revision improves the product.

  • Yes, we know.

    For now I have created a forum that should serve as a workaround for discussions but I agree that it's not ideal. The wiki needs a lot of love still and we are working hard to close all the gaps.

  • Thanks for the response :D Didn't mean to be impatient. I know these things take time. Keep up the good work!

  • No worries, I have a thick skin. ;) But thanks for the compliment!

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