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Reducing border widths on qt designer forms

  • Hi all,
    I have been working on some forms for a company and find myself stuck on very small, very irritating aspect.

    I am wanting the forms to be as small as possible, and unfortunately, each layout (to an extent) seems to stretch out to what i am assuming is its set minimum size, which takes up a HUGE amount of unnecessary space to the form

    example below, however, this doesnt look as bad as my actual form, which has a lot more "stuff" in it so the amount of wasted space is pretty significant


    I feel as if i've tried everything (non code related) and either im completely off the ball or there is some technique to this that I'm yet to understand. QT is still a relatively new platform to me so perhaps i just havent read enough about it

  • Hello. Welcome to Qt Developer Network!

    You always can set border for the widget with:
    setStyleSheet("border: X");

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