VDK 1.1 released

  • Hi all,
    I'm pleased to announce version 1.1 (Fawkes) of
    Voip Development Kit: a Qt-based framework to create VoIP application using high-level APIs like Qt spoiled us to :)

    It makes full use of signal/slot mechanism so it's even easier to create a Qt based app or integrate VoIP in an existing app.

    You can get it from http://www.voipdevelopmentkit.com

    A brief changelog since version 1.0 follows:

    • A bunch of new codecs (G722, G728, G723, ecc.) available on all platforms.
    • G729 is now available on all platforms
    • .NET and Java helper modules are now part of official distribution and no more separate packages. You can now VoIP in your favourite programming language!
    • HD Audio
    • Noise Suppression API
    • New low-level API (get call details: jitter, rtt, packet loss and more) – A glimpse of what is still to come in low-level infrastructure
    • Support for Snow Leopard OS
    • A few bug-fixes and usability issues were fixed.

    This release will be a free upgrade for our customers to apologize for
    the delay of its relase.

    We’ve been also pretty busy restructuring the internal architecture in
    order to integrate the long-awaited video! (yes it is coming! :) )

    Happy VoIPing and merry Christmas to everyone :)

    [Edit: corrected list bullets, Volker]

  • Perfect! Good job :)

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