Looking for a Qt Developer or Contractor - Silicon Valley, CA

  • Hello,

    We are looking for a Qt developer to work with us to build Qt apps at "Hall":https://hall.com

    We're open to hiring full time or on a contract basis.


    • You should have Qt experience with examples apps to demo.
    • The ability to collaborate with the design and product teams to ensure a great experience for our users.

    If you're interested or would just like to learn more, please email us at jobs@hall-inc.com

  • I lead a team of Qt Engineers and we work with various companies remotely.
    We have worked with SV companies in the past and currently supporting various companies from CA.

    Our team is currently using a competitors messaging app/solution, written with Adobe Air, but if we had a chance to work, we would definitely go with Hall : )

    Btw, great choice about using Qt for Hall apps.

    Feel free to contact me online:
    Skype: kacper_gazda
    Email: kgazda@milosolutions.com
    WWW: http://milosolutions.com

    Best regards,
    Kacper Gazda
    Milo Solutions

  • Hello, I work for a Qt Consulting company - KDAB - and thought maybe we could be of some assistance.

    KDAB provides consulting and mentoring for developing Qt applications from scratch and in porting from all popular and legacy frameworks to Qt. KDAB provides various kinds of Qt consultancy services as well as Qt trainings and Qt components. Some of these services include:

    -Custom Trainings/Workshops
    -Original Development

    To standardize pricing, purchasing and terms and conditions of service, please feel free to get in touch. You can find our contact information via our website: www.kdab.com

    I hope this is useful to you.
    Have a great day!

  • Hello,
    My name is Ansif Ibrahim. I am from Kerala, India. I have 4+ year’s of experience in Qt and Visual Studio. I am looking for a career in Qt related works and my resume can be found in the link below.
    My resume: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bxk3ZN59ShrkODVsN05ydU1fbjA/edit?usp=sharing


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