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BB10 QtGui on simulator

  • Beginner to Blackberry Development here...but experienced with Qt Desktop development.
    The burning question is, what do I choose, QtGui or Cascades?

    QtGui is the easiest route, but the small examples I built are crashing in the Simulator.
    (equivalent Cascades are working fine)
    The simple example created by QtCreator, if I add a stretch to the layout, or a button, it crashes when I make the virtual keyboard appear...
    Crashes occur only in the Z10 simulator though, not the Q10... is it a bug that has been fixed?

    Knowing this, is QtGui a sound choice for future development on BB10 os?

  • Qt Quick is better choice than QtGui. QtGui shouldn't crash if everything is done properly.

    Cascades is better choice if you want to develop for BB10 only. Qt Quick meanwhile will work on multiple platforms (e.g. Android, Ubuntu Phone, Sailfish) but you will lose benefits of Cascades.

    I personally have not found way to develop on Cascades without phone (directly on desktop) what makes development much faster thus I use plain Qt Quick. As well I want to develop apps for various platforms in long term. Using Qt Quick however means that I need to reinvent some things that are already solved in Cascades - while potentially there are not many of those. As well Qt Quick allows more flexibility.

  • Thanks a lot for the answer...
    QtGui was just obvious as I could reuse a lot of my skills...
    I'm joining the very simple and small project...maybe someone can try it out and tells if the app crashes as well (when virtual keyboard appears...)

    Anyway, QtQuick or Cascades is probably a better choice...
    But what is Cascades? is it built upon QtQuick?
    If I use QtQuick (idea I like as I'd like to support Ubuntu phones eventually) can I still access
    all BB10 apis?

  • Cascades is BlackBerry UI toolkit built on Qt Quick. Qt Quick have only primitives like Rectangle, MouseArea, Gradient and etc. Combining those Cascades gives you various buttons, menus and etc.

    You can still use BB10 APIs from your non-Cascades app.

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