Qt/QML developer needed, work remotely

  • We are looking for a Qt developer to work in an embedded Linux system. Knowledge of QML, C and TCP sockets is required. Work from home. Please contact by replying to this post. Our company website is wolffelectronicdesign.com

  • Is this a short or long term contract?
    Please feel free to contact me online. I lead a team specializing in C++/Qt solutions on various platforms, including Embedded Linux.

    Skype: kacper_gazda
    Email: kgazda@milosolutions.com
    WWW: http://milosolutions.com

    Best regards,

  • Hi. I have many years of experience with Qml - Tcp - Linux and client - server applications. You can download as example a client - server application with qml gui for Linux - Windows - Mac - Android from my website.

  • Hi,
    I'm an italian developer experienced in Qt, C++, Python and other languages. I'm graduated in computer Science (my thesis application is written in pyside/qml). While studying i worked two years for an electronic company where i did some home automation related project and i worked a lot with tcp, udp and serial communication protocols.

    Here a couple of useful links about my activity:
    "Personal Website":http://www.rfcode.eu

    Feel free to contact me at f.riccardo87@gmail.com
    Best regards,
    Riccardo Ferrazzo

  • Banned

    hi I am from India. I can provide you good quality remote service. Please visit my website


    Feel free to reach me anytime. Thanks Sujan

  • I am available for work part time at nights and on weekends. I am based in Houston so I am on Central Time. I have 7+ years experience coding with QT and C++ in a Red Hat Linux version controlled (SVN, Clearcase) environment I have coded multiple components for multiple military tanks in an object oriented programming manner. I was responsible for coding, designing and testing a QT application that simulated a tank drivers' display, in which I built custom widgets for tank gauges(RPM, SPEED, Pitch/Roll), bezel buttons, a drivers view, that embedded the driver's view renderer using QT's X11 embed capabilities. I was involved in program in which we created a military tank Health Management System. The Front End of the code was designed using the MVC (Model View Controller Pattern) with abstract factories of States that had a one to one relationship to the view(the screens) and a controller that allowed the model and the screens to talk. The screens I designed, coded and tested for that system used various QT modules QtNetwork(to communicate to our middleware), QtWebkit(To display our electronic tech manuals), QtXml (Message format), QtXmlPatterns ( To check the XML schema).. I have over 7+ years using the bash and lua scripting languages and I have 4+ years experience designing using UML use case, activity and sequence diagrams.

    Please contact me at blackrue@gmail.com. Thanks,

  • Hi,
    I’m an italian developer with a discrete experience in Qt, qml, C++. I'm graduated in telecommunications engineering. I currently work as a software/firmware engineer at an electronics company. Please contact me at scqmlvv@gmail.com. Thanks

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    hi We're a team of outstanding developers working from India. Please let me know if you wish to explore this work with me. We are Qt specialist. Please check my website

  • Hello,
    I can just suggest my site: "Softair":http://www.softairrealfight.net

    It's completely build by myself (database, tcp/udp server from scratch with client cross-platform library, and Qt/iphone application, linux server, website)

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    hi I am a 9 years experienced Qt developer from India. I got excellent knowledge and experience in Qt and QML. We have a team here devoted solely for Qt work. Please visit my webpage


    Looking forward to working with you.

  • Hello,
    My name is Ansif Ibrahim. I am from Kerala, India. I have 4+ year’s of experience in Qt and Visual Studio. I am looking for a career in Qt related works and my resume can be found in the link below.
    My resume: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bxk3ZN59ShrkODVsN05ydU1fbjA/edit?usp=sharing

  • hi this is my skills pl contact me aref.mehran.w@gmail.com
    -C,C++ and qt :
    i have worked about any aspect of qt from socket programming ,data
    base,MVC,mobile app(symbian),... and i am professional in qml
    -working in Enterprise application such as zenoss and zope:
    i have worked for one year on zenoss that is an opensource and robust software in
    network monitoring that collect data from huge number of servers and can graph
    them ,alert admin if exceed an threshold and have an strong event management that
    use rabbitmq for its messaging queue and utilize zope zodb object oriented
    database for storing its objects and this is one of strong point of zenoss.if you want
    extend zenoss you must add zenpack to it that is mostly in python language
    -good understanding on centos and installing enterprise app on it.
    because zenoss is mostly based on python i have to do reverse code on python
    because zenoss doesnt have very docs .and for developing zenpack i obtained a good
    experience on python
    i am familiar with these and as you know these api are a python binding of qt .
    -worked on java and android
    i have worked on wireless sensor networking with zigbee protocol.in this project we
    have devices name xbee that in them zigbee protocol is implemented.and this device
    can be configured to be end device or router or coordinator to make a good role in
    our network. Xbee can be configured by AT command
    -familiar with pic, avr,fpga and Proteus
    -familiar with vhdl and verilog

  • Hi! My name is Oleg Yadrov, I'm a 4th year Applied Mathematics and Informatics student from Russia.
    I have 3+ years of experience programming applications using Qt/C++ and 1+ years programming applications using QML/JavaScript.

    I'm available to work Full Time remotely.

    Samples of my work can be found here:

    QML Creator
    QML Creator is a Qt Quick 2.1 application based on ApplicationWindow with with a few C++ fragments.
    This program is intended to help develop QML components right on your mobile device or tablet with OS Android.

    Cute Planet
    Cute Planet is an arcade for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Written entirely using QML (Qt Quick 2.0 + binding Box2D to QML)

    You can find the full portfolio here:

    Thank you for taking the time to consider me for employment!

    Oleg Yadrov

    E-mail: wearyinside@gmail.com
    Skype: wearyinside
    Phone: +79196391746

  • Hey wearyinside,

    check the date of this post. I think its already closed.

  • Dear Wolffdesign,

    we an offer to you full-time C++/Qt-certified developers.
    Please contact me for more details.

    Portfolio: http://www.qualium-systems.com/portfolio/desktop-and-server/
    My email: ilevchuk@qualium-systems.com


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