Connect two windows

  • i want to create two windows and connect how can i do?

  • Hi joojo!
    Welcome to devnet.

    It depends. You need two window in one app or two separate apps?

  • i want to click button in main window and pop up new window.then i do calculations in 2 nd window and submit.then change main window values.

  • Well then then just create the method in second dialog end call it after dialog closed:
    @void on_showdialog_action()
    uSecondDialog *usrDlg = new uSecondDialog(this);
    if(usrDlg->exec() == QDialog::Accepted)
    uCalcResultStruct result = usrDlg->getCalcResult();

    Something like that.
    uCalcResultStruct is some your struct which can store all data you need.


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