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Qt Ambassador program?

  • Hi,

    after 2 years of development we successfully migrated our project to Qt framework for all major desktop platforms. I'm wondering if there is still Ambassador program with Ambassador kits and all other cool stuff around like when Qt was maintained by Nokia.

    Our application is "ORM Designer": . Here are some "Windows/Mac OS/Ubuntu/Debian screenshots": .

    I really liked the idea about Ambassador program when we started with Qt so now it would be a pity if we could not sign in to Ambassador program ;-)


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    Digia is working on reviving the program. I don't know if they manage to restart it, but at least they say they're trying.

  • Ok, thanks for info. It would be nice to see more activities here on forums and also completely on Qt ecosystems. I checked some more blogs / posts / forums and it seems that lot of activities was stopped ;-(.

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    Development of Qt itself is going forward with full steam, though. Digia might not have the budget Nokia used to have, but they seem to be using it well. Both Qt development and development of this site is being opened to the public, too. If you want more blogs, you can follow Qt Centre, they assemble Qt blogs from various sources, including Digia blogs and former Nokia employees.

  • Hi Ludek, I am interested in the drawing algorithms you use. Is that developed in-house, or did you use some open source components?

  • Hi Kurt,

    it's completely in-house draw-component. We didn't find any suitable open-source / commercial component so we implement it directly for our purposes.

  • I like the software very much, although I cannot use it for my purposes.
    I am really interested in the drawing (especially the connection logic). If there is any publicly available algorithm, example code, or whatever, that you know of, I'd be glad to hear.

  • Unfortunately I don't about any public material or example code. We implement all from the scratch.

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