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Qt-components on BB10

  • Hello,
    I've downloaded symbian source code, compiled it under bb root doesn' work as usual!
    I've read that is simple, just compile it, put imports under qml and insert import 1.1
    yes...that was beautiful if it could be!
    Just putting the import statement and a white screen comes up!

    P.S. incredible I had tried that also in necessitas with the same behaviour...

    Someone know what is he magic behind all of these?!?

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    The symbian (and meego) phones used custom components. It will most likely not be easy to port the UI to BB10 (which uses another custom set of components). Ubuntu phone seems to have created yet another set... The reason here is that everybody seems to think their phones are so unique that they can not use the same set of components as everybody else and people will want to adjust the UI anyway to integrate their application deeply into the OS. At least the backend (non-UI) code is portable.

    The good news is that all parties involved (at least those still alive;) seem to realize this is a problem and start to talk on how to unify this, together with the qt quick components (former desktop components) which plan to cover iOS and Android as welll as desktops.

  • It's not true for BB10, because of I'm writing that due to there are threads on bb forum of people who have done that...someone has released qt components code for playbook and other are speaking about BB10 and just compile and use in project.

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    I was referring to BB10's Cascades which supposedly is different from the Qt Quick Controls (aka. Qt Desktop Components).

    I have to admit that I only ever tried to run demo apps shipped with the SDK on BB10 to test the creator integration, so I may be wrong.

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