Qt 5.0.2? XP-Sp3? QWebKit? When release?

  • Couple of days before I started a new project using QWebKit, and suddenly realised that well known problem with XP SP3 and QWebKit. It was said that next patch-release would be on 20Feb. "There it is said as resolved":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-29306 So I downloaded not final release of 5.0.2 (20 Feb), but it still doesn't work. So... Who knows about release date or about is this bug actually resolved?

  • You shouldn;t expect to get information about the Qt project release plan at the forum. It's better to ask at the bug tracker. Btw there is a similar "topic":http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/24180. As suggested there if you are in a hurry you can checkout the source code from git and recompile Qt.

  • [quote author="leon.anavi" date="1361463700"]It's better to ask at the bug tracker. [/quote]

    hmmm.... I realized, that many reported bugs become a low prio after reporting and it looks like, that it doesn't care anybody if it got fixed or not. For example: I wanted to use QImageWriter to write a comment in a JPEG file and noticed, that it doesn't work (easy to implement). In the bugtracker, I found this feature, which was already fixed by someone long time ago. After asking in the IRC, why this feature wasn't in any version, they commited it and now, it is maybe in Qt5.

    Maybe that's the same thing with D.Lowls request...

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