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Guerilla-team seek rebel Qt/C++ developer, offer 80 million users

  • Hey folks, first post :). A colleague recommended me to check you out and potentially post the position we're now looking for, so here we go!

    Dispassionate Ericsson developers, move along. You who don’t like low-level languages, read the next job ad instead. And you who always have to feel like you’re “the best dev in the team”, you’ll have a challenge. It’s not you that we seek.

    We are a happy bunch of eight who coded QBasic and won Lego championships when our friends were watching Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter and Power Rangers. We built JayCut, later the world’s most used online video editor. About the same time that senior Google folks said that we had created the world’s best online video editor, we went ahead and sold the company to BlackBerry.

    Today we develop the future tools for mobile video creation. No business as usual. Our new app Story Maker was recently launched, and the awesome reviews of it hints at our ambition. The audience is 80 million existing users. And we do it like a guerilla team, with a high degree of freedom from BlackBerry. In short, the freedom of a start-up but with the force of a behemoth company.

    We’re now looking for an application developer that will play a key role in our Stockholm-based team. It will take time to find the right person, but that’s not an issue. A strong background in low-level programming is essential, likely C, C++ or Objective-C. We have no place for someone who creates ”good” code, only ”fantastic”. It’s also great with experience in GUI dev, video/graphic rendering, Qt and a bloody brilliant sense for details.

    It is you that we seek. Welcome to the jungle!
    To apply, send your favourite movie quote and why you would like to join our squad to:


  • Should you ever consider working remotely with a team specializing in Qt, feel free to contact me directly.

    Best regards,
    Kacper Gazda
    Milo Solutions


  • Hey Kacper, only looking for permanent team members I'm afraid, but will keep it in mind!

  • Thanks Jonas and good luck with the recruitment process : )

  • Thanks, appreciate it :)

  • I'll come by the office if I can play with the new BB10 phones ;)
    The wait for them is killing me...

  • Haha, would need you to have a genuine interest in the position to do that...but they've some very nifty features indeed :). Waiting for the Z10 or Q10?

  • At minimum I find it interesting to know there are other Qt devs in Stockholm! Don't know that many experienced ones.

    I'm still unsure about which of the two bb10 types I want, I've never been a fan of a virtual keyboard, but this one may pull it off. So I'd have to play with the Z10 first. It certainly looks great, but the keyboard will likely be the deciding thing.

  • The touch VKB is surprisingly good for being just that - virtual. I get slightly angry every time I try to write on the Lumia 920 which I also use (need to understand all OSes:). But like you say it's hard to replace physical.

  • please contact me
    these are my skills

    -C,C++ and qt qml :
    i have worked about any aspect of qt from socket programming ,data base,MVC,mobile app(symbian),... and i am professional in qml
    -working in Enterprise application such as zenoss and zope:
    i have worked for one year on zenoss that is an opensource and robust software in network monitoring that collect data from huge number of servers and can graph them ,alert admin if exceed an threshold and have an strong event management that use rabbitmq for its messaging queue and utilize zope zodb object oriented database for storing its objects and this is one of strong point of zenoss.if you want extend zenoss you must add zenpack to it that is mostly in python language and i developed a professional zenpack for a company that use our custom non ssh and non snmp command for collecting data from devices .
    -Understanding Web services (XML SOAP, WSDL, REST)
    -good understanding on centos and installing enterprise app on it.
    because zenoss is mostly based on python i have to do reverse code on python because zenoss doesnt have very docs .and for developing zenpack i obtained a good experience on python

    i am familiar with these and as you know these api are a python binding of qt .
    -worked on java and android
    i have worked on wireless sensor networking with zigbee this project we have devices name xbee that in them zigbee protocol is implemented.and this device can be configured to be end device or router or coordinator to make a good role in our network. Xbee can be configured by AT command
    -familiar with pic, avr,fpga and Proteus
    -familiar with vhdl and verilog

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