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Deploy to device problem

  • A few days ago, I installed the Qt Playbook version.
    I compiled and deployed the Quick Application to my Playbook, without problem.
    Then I created 2 GUI applications.
    When I deploy any of these 3 applications the app on the device gets replaced with the deployed app.
    I've checked all the application files for a common string but didn't find one.

    I don't have this problem when deploying projects from the QNX SDK.

    Have I missed something?


  • What you have in bar-descriptor.xml file for each app?

  • The problem is most likely that the id in the bar descriptor xml file is the same for these three applications

  • Thank you. "ID" is the problem.

    <id>ID</id> occurred in each project.
    But as the <name> value was the project name, i.e. unique, I assumed <id> wasn't significant. That will teach me.

    If the value of <id> is significant, why doesn't the process that creates XML file use the project name, instead of the hard coded "ID" string?

    Again, thank you for the help.


  • Well...if you create a project with a more recent version of the Qt Creator QNX plugin it does use the project name afaik.

  • I downloaded, from the Qt site, on Feb 6. Fairly recent, I thought.
    But the qtcreator.exe that came with it was built on March 16, 2012
    Yes, I'll get a new Qt Creator.


  • Here you can get the most recent one: Creator/

  • Txs Bomb3rman
    I'll get it.

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