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Cascades/QML Gallery / Image Picker on BB10

  • Hi,

    I am looking for a solution for 2 problems:

    First, I'd like to have a list of the (camera) pictures on the device. I don't have a device, so I did some research.
    I've found that there is a shared/camera/* folder, which should contain the images.
    I did not find any hint in that there is a Buildin Image Selection Dialog in Cascades, so does someone know if this is maybe coming with one of the next releases? Don't want to reeinvent the wheel.

    Regarding the list of pictures, there is the catalog/gallery module in qtmobility, which would come handy here, but afaik its not yet implemented in BB10, is this right? Any hints for this?

    Also is there a folder containing thumbnails for the camerapics?

  • The qtmobility module is not implemented on BB10. But the Mobility project is managed by the QtProject, so you are welcome to start working on it ;)

    Cascades has a File picker, that might be of help here:

    There is an example, of how to just pick images.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hm, thats interesting.

    Have to test that on a device as soon as I got one :)

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