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Can we have a feature to create a wiki page and save it for publishing later

  • Say if I am working on a wiki article over a period of time and would not like to publish it, until its complete or has taken a good shape. Till then it would be visible to me only and if possible could be shared among a group of other users working on the same.

  • This would make sense, yes. I normally do that in a text editor, but only, as that feature does not exist.

  • Don't know if it will be too difficult to implement it. But would prefer to have something like this. Or the wiki admins must be willing to tolerate incomplete article for some period of time.

  • I don't think that incomplete pages are some sort of problem (come on, it's wiki). But, of course, if by "incomplete page" you don't mean some page with two sentences placeholder.

  • I would imagine that having some kind of flag saying "don't list yet" would do the trick.

    The author could access it on their profile page and he could invite people to review it by giving away the URL.

  • [quote author="fcrochik" date="1292185602"]I would imagine that having some kind of flag saying "don't list yet" would do the trick.

    The author could access it on their profile page and he could invite people to review it by giving away the URL.[/quote]

    +1 That would be great.

  • Qtk: will you add it to JIRA? I think is a good suggestion and probably not too hard to implement.

  • I think that "release early, release often" is not a bad thing here. The only problem is if somebody starts editing something that you are editing too.

    Does the wiki handle conflicts? Uses locks?

  • Although I think it is also important for the wiki to handle conflicts or have editing locks, I see a value in creating "private" pages for publishing later. On my work's intraweb wiki, we often create pages in our user wiki space and then transfer them to a proper location once more fully refined.

  • I'm writing a quite big article on the wiki ( ). I started offline, by saving it into a file, then I'm editing it online allowing people on IRC to read it and provide very useful feedback. As you can see, there's a giant warning saying it's work in progress.

  • Hi Peppe,

    As I can't send you emails via the system, I try to give some feedback to the article this way:

    First of all: Congratulations, a very good article. I also thought about writing something about this, but now you have :-))
    I just have some small extensions / add-ons:

    • In the chapter Events and the event loop you state, events are always asynchronous, thats true, if you don't send them via QCoreApplication::sendEvent(...)
    • Please mare a bigger warning on using QCoreApplication::processEvents(). I saw many applications crashing, because they used it and were surprised that the quit was executed although they are currently processing some events. And that happened esecially if tsendPostedEvents was called in a library...
    • Regrading the dialogs, they spin a local event loop :-)
    • Threads and Objects:
      ** please state that the thread afinity depends on the running thread, that creates the object. If I create an object inside the QThread constructor, it depends on the creator's thread. Often seen problems here :-)
      ** you could add that QObject::moveToThread() is a push, not a poll, which could make it a bit clearer, what is meant by "... we must use it from the thread the object is living in...". Some of my colleges understood push and poll better..

    I'm looking forward to the final version of the article :-)

  • Don't want to go offtopic --- I've started a new thread about my wiki page, you can find it here :-)

  • A suggestion was earlier logged in the Beta forum to allow user to save and continue while editing the wiki page, that is helpful.
    But I feel its perfectly ok to have half written articles in the wiki, just add a note what is pending and anyone can go and fill it in ... we already have a few such articles today :)

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