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UML Plug-in

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    من تو اینترنت خوندم که به همراه Qt Creator یه پلاگین به نام UML Tool هم منتشر میشه که میتونه کار ترسیم Class Diagram ها رو برای ما انجام بده
    اما هرچی گشتم نتونستم لینکی برای دانلودش پیدا کنم و یا اگه این پلاگین با خود Qt Creator هستش بتونم نحوه ی استفادش رو بفهمم
    تنها چیزی که یافتم همین لینک پایینه:
    اما نتونستم بازم چیزی از نحوه استفاده یا نصب این پلاگین متوجه بشم
    دوستان اگه اطلاعات بیشتری دارن ممنون میشم من رو هم راهنمایی کنن

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    I do not have more information than the thesis (found that a couple of years back). I am not aware of any communication between the guy that wrote the thesis and the Qt Creator team.

    The plugin is not part of Qt Creator (we can not put anything in that is not contributed via gerrit). I have not even seen the code ever.

  • I think this tool should be provided with Qt Creator,this service in visual studio is a default tool.

    If there is no contact with the developers of this tools, so why "UML Tool" have been introduced in Qt Projects website?

    If i want use the tool to draw Class Diagrams, what's your offer that is friend with Qt structures?

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    The only reference to it I can find is "this one": in the Qt Creator Plug-in Gallery of the wiki. That is a place where people collect interesting 3rd party plugins to Qt Creator. The Qt Project has no affiliation with those plugins whatsoever.

    This tool is not written by us and was not contributed to the Qt Project, so there is no way we can not ship it (even if we had access to the code in some way).

    I do agree that it would be nice to have a tool like it though. Nobody has written one yet, so there is no such thing. I do encourage you and anybody else to do one:-)

    I do use "umbrello": occasionally when I need to draw a quick UML diagram and do not have access to those expensive tools big enterprises tend to buy:-)

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