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Tiny Project - Offline Time Tracking - Upload to server when online

  • Here is the deal, I created a website which tracks time for billable hours. You click start/stop a bunch of times for a particular client and the total time is calculated, then you one-click send him an invoice. Not a big deal. The important part now, we want linux/windows/macos client so users can track their time on their computer, but it must work while the user is offline.

    Basically an exact copy of this app: except also works offline.

    Here is the deal, another developer already started the project and completed it about half-way, we got the offline storage working and the basic uploading. But it needs to be finished and I personally don't know Qt well enough to do a decent job.

    We will be using git with bitbucket to upload push/pull changes.

    The budget for this project is $150 being that it is almost done
    By the way it uses a built in database.

    Please contact me on skype to discuss details: relipse

  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful application. Currently i am using Replicon's ( ) software for time management and invoicing. Its an awesome tool, i ever seen in my experience. But still i would like to try your invention too.

  • Nice idea! But I preffer automatic time tracking, that Yaware.TimeTracker offers, when you do not have to push and stop. Still I hope your project worked out!

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    Are any of these written using Qt?

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