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Images on the wiki.

  • It is a pity that images can not be uploaded and shown on the wiki pages - "One picture is worth a thousand words", an old proverb says.

    I do understand the security issues with uploading - the safest way is to have no uploads. But it is even safer not to use wikis...

    Surely there is a way to have authorised users, who can do the uploads when required. It may be an additional burden to the "authorised users" (by any other name "it would smell as sweet"). But it is not impossible to achieve security with the ability to display images.

    If it is possible to upload images and display them, I apologise for the noise.


  • My understanding is that it is not currently possible. It has been discussed "here":

  • [quote author="OldAl" date="1292025812"]Inadvertently submitted by a random mouse click before correcting typos:

    pity, authorised.



    You can edit your own posts.

  • You can link to images somewhere :)

    BTW: i find this questionable in terms of safety and copyright issues.

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