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Maybe a no-go for tagging: Describing tags

  • Imagine an option to describe your tag :)

    I find it somewhat absurd to "tag" tags. Another Idea would be to add a list of non-trivial tags in the "wiki":

  • "tag" tags are useful when you are writing something about tagging system itself.

  • Oh I have formulated misleading, I meant the absurdity of describing (=tagging) tags.

    (I updated the topic now.)

  • Again, this post seems to have tagged as ”tagging”, not ”tag”. We seriously need some kind of place where favored tags should be listed for what topic, I suggest that wiki page.

    I still prefer this tagging tag :P

  • Do you mean that each tag should allow a description of it, so others can understand why some content is tagged as such?

  • It is an inherent problem with tagging that a single word (or few words) will mean different things in different contexts and to different people. If the descriptions are not read when tagging is done, the description will become "out-of-date" and potentially misleading.

  • Tag, you're it! :-P

    Seriously, though... in general one should pick tag words which are reasonably specific to the topic at hand. Overloaded terms are going to happen, of course, but hopefully they're not so overloaded as to no longer be useful.

  • But do you think it is better to have a description to try to limit overloading?

  • Actually, no, unless there's also a suggestion of what else to try. If I'm looking for something and discover that the keyword I have in mind has been used for some other meaning, I don't want to have to stop and try to consider synonyms to figure out what it "really" went under.

  • I don't open new tread but use this.
    I see the tag system is very disoriented. For me the real problem is that the user can simply add a new! I read some post where admin relocate some tags (ex: remove qtcreator to qt creator), but when a user add qtcreator the loop is restarted.
    So i'm suggest a way like a stackoverflow system. The normal user can't add new tag, but can only tagging with a list of possible tag, and so we NEED an ajax system for add tag.
    In this case the user when write creatore can see qt creator and use that.
    The only limit is when a post haven't a specific tag because this tag is new, so the user have to ask a creation of tag.
    This system need some modify to the system, but for me is the best way.

  • @stuk: Absolutely, we have a suggestion for supporting synonyms/aliases in the bug tracker, this will solve the many-tags-that-mean-the-same-thing issue.

    You can vote for it here:

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