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My way to make money - what's yours opinion?

  • Hi,

    I would like to know, what do you think about my idea. I'm writing my first application (it doesn't really matter what does it do). My program will be strictness linked to web page, where the user will be able to find more information. Of course, on the web page there will be useful information for user. So, I would like to put AdSense from Google on the page.

    +the application will be free, so in my opinion it will have more users
    -it will be less convenient for user, because it would be more easy to read these information from application directly (anyway, I think it's better for user, than pay for app).
    -the cost to pay the server and the domain

    I'm not sure if I have discovered the America, but I'm wondering why there isn't any application that works this way (at least I have never seen it). Is there any obstacle to do this? I asked on AdSense's forum, and they told me that this practice isn't prohibited. May be I will have problem with put the program on popular web pages with programs? Or maybe there isn't a lot of programs that the author could link it with the web page?

    I would like to avoid sell my program, because of a lot of piracy, and I think that I would make more money by this way, than selling.

    Could you explain me please, if am I right? Forgive my English, I be learn already :D

    Regards, Thomas.

    I think that I haven't explain it good enough. In application there will be labels: "You can find more information on the page:" and there will be the link. There will be some buttons too, which will open the default browser and redirect to the page.

  • Hello.
    I've thought about getting money for applications. That's what I think about it:

    Make you application free (as speech) by licensing it under some free license like GPL. The license have to be parasite in order to save you from unfair play of other people.

    Make free (as beer) version of application with a few advertising inside it.

    Make non-free (as beer) version of application with a low price (0.99$, for example) without advertising.

    Give users a link to full source code of your application. This will let them to change it the way they like or to build an advertising-free version for free.

    Make donation button at application's site. And probably inside your application at "About" dialog.

    Of cause, I'm not sure all this is a good idea, but I like it.

    If you don't want to make it free (as speech):

    Create free (as beer) version with advertising. This version may also have stricted functionality.

    Create chip non-free (as beer) version.

  • I was thinking about advertising inside the application a lot of weeks ago and I was searching information about some partner's program like Google's adsense for desktop applications, but I didn't find anything. I think that it would be the best solution, but I have given up, because I didn't find anything like that.

    What's more, I have found posts on some forums, that advertising like in polish GG or Microsoft's messenger are difficult to achieve, because it doesn't exist any program like AdSense for desktop applications, and these two applications have their own agreements with suspenders' companies.

    Do you know any way to put advertising into the application? I really would like to do this.

    Thank you in advance!

  • I think that if you want to use Google's adsense, then you may try to make a small built-in internet browser inside your application and show advertising there. For example, you may try to use Qt WebKit binding. But of cause it's not the best way.

  • No, I can't do that, because it's prohibited by Google's policy :(

    It's why I forget that idea, but thank you anyway :)

  • First, "this": might be interesting for you.
    Second, try to know more about "BSA" - seems like it might be a way.

  • Ok, thank you very much. I was searching for something like BSA for hours on Polish, Spanish and English Google and I don't know how it's possible that I haven't found it.

    The day when I will make my first money, I will spend it on a beer for you! (or five beers :D)

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