Problems importing another JavaScript library into QML

  • I am working in Cascades/QML and am using JavaScript for handling my application logic. I have this external javascript library (a .js file) located inside the assets, so I do something like this

    @import "libname.js" as Library@

    and the library was designed such that it defined a global object like :

    @LibGlobalObject = function (param) {
    //Some action

    and then it keeps adding methods by doing something like

    @GoodLib.prototype.methodOne = function(param) { };
    GoodLib.prototype.methodTwo = function(param) { };@

    and it says it can be used by doing something like :

    @(new GoodLib(someParam)).methodOne(new GoodLib(someParam));
    (new GoodLib(someParam)).methodTwo(new GoodLib(someParam));@

    so I thought of doing something like

    @(new Library.GoodLib(someParam)).methodOne(new Library.GoodLib(someParam));
    (new Library.GoodLib(someParam)).methodOne(new Library.GoodLib(someParam));@

    in my QML but it doesn't work.

    Can anyone tell me what it is that I'm doing wrong here ?

  • What is GoodLib?

  • Sorry I seem to have made a mistake in posting here. It should be

    @GoodLib = function (param) {
    //Some action

    and GoodLib is the name of the global object that the library creates so that I can do calls like :

    @new GoodLib(someParam)@

  • OK. Your code looks good. What does not work for you? Do you get any error message?

    The only thing that you must be aware about: each import creates independent space (or at least that's my impression). It is better to use properties for keeping global state.

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