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Modern OpenGL with Qt trainings announced

  • KDAB engineers recently presented trainings and presentations on the numerous ways to use and leverage the power of OpenGL in and with Qt at the Qt Developer Days in Berlin and Santa Clara. These very popular sessions were extremely well received which demonstrates a clear and keen interest in these technologies. This is perfectly understandable given the central role of OpenGL in the Qt 5 and QtQuick 2 stacks. Many development teams of desktop and embedded systems wish to utilize Qt and OpenGL to give them a competitive edge in capability and performance.

    In order to help developers rapidly get up to speed with the modern shader-based approach to OpenGL, KDAB will shortly begin offering focused multi-day trainings that will teach you everything needed to become fully productive with today’s modern OpenGL on both embedded and the latest desktop systems.

    As we are still developing this course, we would be very interested in hearing your wishes for content in such a training. A preliminary table of contents can be found here: http://www.kdab.com/training/courses/modern-opengl-with-qt/ .

    To book this training as an on-site training send an email to training@kdab.com.

    The new OpenGL training will also be offered as open enrollment training in Berlin, London, Houston and the Bay Area, starting February 2013. To see the schedule please visit http://www.kdab.com/schedule/

    If you sign up for any of the three classes before January 13th, you will receive a 20% discount by quoting the voucher code 7082eb7c.

  • The UK/London course has been cancelled. Does anyone know of an equivalent course being held here in the UK?

  • Hi, we can run a course in the UK if there is sufficient demand or we can also offer on-site trainings. Please feel free to contact me privately if you wish.

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