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Qt / C++ Developer for embedded Qt application.

  • We are looking for a developer in Qt to help design a front end GUI for a new product (small touch screen). We currently have the back-end code written / in production as we are porting products to a new display. None of our team are Qt experts and it's the only graphical format available.

    The job can be completed remotely as we are based in Brisbane, Australia. We are interested in a quote based on the spec sheet but an hourly rate is still possible.


  • Hi
    I have around 5 years of experience in Qt/QML/C++. I have mailed you my details. Please feel free to contact me.


  • If you want you can contact me. I'm working with Qt from a few years. You can download some programs written in Qt from my website.

  • Hello Sir,

    I have worked with QT for about 7 years since version 3.x.

    I will provide you with resume when desired.


    Dosse Blaise Segbeaya

  • I currently lead a team of C++/Qt Engineers and we have vast experience with Embedded projects. Feel free to contact me online and check our website.

    Skype: kacper_gazda

  • With Qt more than 5 years, also exp with Database more 10 years

  • I have over a decade of expertise in embedded systems using Qt. I have developed apps that run across Windows, MacOS/iOS, Linux, Android and Blackberry platforms in 1 codeset.

    I have extensive expertise in motion control systems, secure data (21CFR11), signal processing, graphical display of data (sci-data), and hardware command and control over networks, USB and serial buses.

    Contact me at david.rivkin@gcpintl.com if you would like me, or any of my team to work on this for a great rate. We are all US Citizens/Native English and Silicon Valley experienced so you get top quality, well documented and complete products for a Off-Shoring price.

    David Rivkin, PhD

  • please contact me aref.mehran.w@gmail.com
    these are my skills

    -C,C++ and qt qml :
    i have worked about any aspect of qt from socket programming ,data base,MVC,mobile app(symbian),... and i am professional in qml
    -working in Enterprise application such as zenoss and zope:
    i have worked for one year on zenoss that is an opensource and robust software in network monitoring that collect data from huge number of servers and can graph them ,alert admin if exceed an threshold and have an strong event management that use rabbitmq for its messaging queue and utilize zope zodb object oriented database for storing its objects and this is one of strong point of zenoss.if you want extend zenoss you must add zenpack to it that is mostly in python language and i developed a professional zenpack for a company that use our custom non ssh and non snmp command for collecting data from devices .
    -Understanding Web services (XML SOAP, WSDL, REST)
    -good understanding on centos and installing enterprise app on it.
    because zenoss is mostly based on python i have to do reverse code on python because zenoss doesnt have very docs .and for developing zenpack i obtained a good experience on python

    i am familiar with these and as you know these api are a python binding of qt .
    -worked on java and android
    i have worked on wireless sensor networking with zigbee protocol.in this project we have devices name xbee that in them zigbee protocol is implemented.and this device can be configured to be end device or router or coordinator to make a good role in our network. Xbee can be configured by AT command
    -familiar with pic, avr,fpga and Proteus
    -familiar with vhdl and verilog


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