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BlackBerry Qt Porting Program - Submit your Porting Plan to receive a BlackBerry Dev Alpha Device

  • [quote author="ravirdv" date="1355470581"]is anyone else facing this problem or is it just me?[/quote]
    I've got the same result...

  • me too

  • Thanks. We are currently investigating this problem.

  • I have s problem also here: Become a BlackBerry World Vendor

    My lastname is "De Filippo" whith space, the system doesn't pertmit to write space

  • Added my project already, but for the sake of completeness... :)

    A multi-touch two-player pong-like game for your mobile device - with high-resolution artwork, attention to detail and authentic sounds.

    State: Finished. Ported to Qt5 on Playbook and BB10

  • As conny says, ditto.

    A clean, easy-to-read, LED-style bedside clock - with a range of colours and brightness settings.
    State: Submitted. "Next update using an active frame":

    A simple artificial horizon and spirit level.
    State: Submitted, but oddities on current Dev Alpha with locking to landscape and the accelerometer.

  • I have ported and submitted 44 Qt apps until now. I have used Box2D in some of them. In other apps I've used a lot of animations and audio effects. I was extremely happy to see how well they would run on the new BB10 phones. :) Anyway, here's a complete list of the apps I have ported so far:


    All of these apps can be found on Nokia Store. Some of them can be found on Google Play. And now they will be on Blackberry World too. I plan to port even more apps in the near future. ;)

  • Adrian, that's quite a lot of apps. My questions is very simple: Why? Why have you made so many apps?

    I have ported my app as well (todoteria and todoteria+, ). Now I'm looking into porting more.

  • Because:

    1. When these apps were first made, they were made to work for any resolution, including 1280x768. QML was used.

    2. Most of these apps share the same "barebone". So after I have managed to port one, porting the rest of them was trivial. It could take me as little as 15 minutes from creating a project to submitting it to Blackberry World.

  • OK, I understand how it might be trivial to recompile apps for different platform but I wonder why you have so many of them. That's not technical question, that's just my curiosity.

  • Economics.

    We could have made a small number of "should-be-jackpot" apps or we could have made a large number of apps that contain just the features a regular user would be interested in. And I thought that the second option would most probably yield a greater return on investment on the long term and I'll tell you why.

    We get feedback from users much faster and based on the download numbers we get to pick more easily what's our next app. Hence, with every new app we get to know better what people want. And the faster we know that, the better. In the end we will get more people downloading our apps and of course more money.

  • Hi
    How much takes for an app to be approved ? I have also submitted mine, but no word from RIM until now.

  • Are any of you developing on Linux?
    I've been trying to get started and spent some weekends on this, but in the end had to give up since too much stuff didn't work.
    The latest thing that didn't work was the emulator that refuses to get past the boot screen in vmware.

  • I'm developing on linux. I did get problems to use the simulator, but meanwhile my alpha device arrived and never tried the simulator anymore. Other than that, and same other small issues when porting the code, I'm really enjoying the experience. I like a lot the phone and the OS. I even took a week vacancies to among other stuff, get my hands dirty with the porting.
    I applied for a new phone, if I didn't get one I just hope Blackberry reconsider not deactivating the device. To me that doenst make any sense, if they already did that investment of sending them. I have got other apps I'm planning on developing, and probably so other developers. And don't think it's feasible to rely only on the simulator to deploy the apps.

  • thanks for your reply john, good to hear its not just me :)
    I applied but didn't receive an alpha phone. So I've already lost the opportunity to get items in the store when bb10 launces, so now I'll wait to buy one in March and see if I can do some porting and publishing by then.

  • Perhaps meanwhile you can try in Windows ?

  • [quote author="john_god" date="1359598604"]Hi
    How much takes for an app to be approved ? I have also submitted mine, but no word from RIM until now.[/quote]

    About a week. There was one time it took longer. I guess a lot of people tried to submit before various deadlines.

  • i have submitted one app (tripAccounts) to BB world. It helps in tracking expenses of multiple groups of people during a trip. i submitted on 24th and got approved on 27th.
    BB world link "here":

    it took more time than expected as i did not receive the dev Alpha device, although I was approved for a device. I did my porting using simulator in linux(openSUSE).
    now planning to improve the features and create a sister app (for sharing bills) with advanced features.

    the problem you had with the simulator might be due to non-availability of graphics card on ur system. while the simulator boots, you have to choose BB10DevAlphaSafe mode. see simulator "troubleshooting guide":
    if ur processor does not support virtualization technology, the simulator will be very slow.

  • Thanks, I'll give that a try tonight :)

  • I submited mine in 21, just checked it's still in draft statuts. Is there any way to see the approval on going process, like in Ovi ?

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