Quick Start with Qt Contribution

  • C'mon, let's start contribute to Qt!

    Everyday I wake with thoughts to make Qt World a bit better. Everyday I work on my apps written in Qt. Everyday I contribute to KDE and I wish to contribute to Qt. Every day, I try to tell the world what is Qt.

    We are Qt Developer Network - we are Qt Community. Why can't we make it just a bit better? I believe that every Breeder and few Robots can do it. We just need to discuss more about it and make our decision.

    In this topic I want to post some useful links which can help you to start. The most important part here is to start.

    The way of samurai (coding contribution):

    Anyway, you can contribute to Qt without making any code, I am talking about Community Work, Writing Documentation and Tutorials, Report Bugs, Support Users. In this case you should deal with "Qt Contribution on the Qt Project":# Deal with "Qt Coding Conventions":http://qt-project.org/wiki/Coding-Conventions.

    If you have some problems or issues, just start a thread here (in Qt Contribution Forum) - we will help you;)

    Happy coding!

  • Thanks for your post!!
    I'm very interested on it, but I'm very busy at the moment.
    I've joined the group and hope I'll get some help when I start my contributions.


  • Nice post!
    It is indeed not so easy to find your way in how to start/proceed.

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