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What projects are you running on QtonPi

  • I'd like to see your Projects and read about your experiences with QtonPi

  • Hi MichelS

    for my projects the LCD and the camera module for the Pi is missing.
    I think we would have a lot more projects on pi when those components would be available.
    So for now there is only playing around with it.

  • That's true. My Pi is working as a NAS right now. I know, I know, that is totally below it's capabilities.
    But I hope to find some time to build a XBMC version. And do other cool projects.

  • I'm having fun with wayland... nothing released yet , but I plan to port my existing app to qt5 once it's stable ...

    once qt5-rc1 is finished to be rebuilt on rpi (yes through NFS) ...

    -- tested #WayLand 's #Weston Terminal , building #Qt5 rc1 on #RaspBian , ask me to share #RaspberryPi 's bins.

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