Error in points update while tagging

  • Just noticed that if you place two or more tag in one line (by separating them with comma) than points are updated only by number for one tag.

  • And while tagging this post I noticed that after adding tags points were decreased (of course only before reloading page).

  • Some of the ajax calls to update the points the points on the front end are hitting a cached variable, something for us to fix.

    But fear not, the database update when you tag (one or many) is correct, so a refresh will give you the verified number.

    Note that if someone removes a tag you added somewhere else the points you got then will be lost. That could have happened in this case, regarding the loss of a few points.

  • It may look weird from time to time but long-term those ups and downs in small amounts of points will even out. That's why we chose small numbers for each action.

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