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Developer Angst on Microsoft Visual C++ Futures

  • Hi!

    I hope this is the right place to post it.

    Just found this post on InfoQ about the future of C++ on the MSVS IDE:

    "Dev Angst on MSVS C++":

    Qt is the mosts often cited alternatives to the VS stuff. I'm sure that QtCreator has it's part in this.

    Enjoy ;-)

  • Thanks for the pointer, interesting to read. I can second to some of the points (whilst I cannot judge the others, as I always could avoid using MFC classes and such, lucky me :-) )

  • YEa, thanks a lot, really interesting. But I can't agree in the MSVS stuff. MFC, ok, that's clear. But the IDE of MS is not so bad, as they say. It ahs many features that are really good and helpfull.

  • I really liked it when I read this part .. thanks for the link...

    Developer, jamome, feels C++ has become deprecated at MS and has moved to QT, which is a theme repeated several times by other devs:

  • Hmm this article is really interesting but as far as IDE is concerned if we exclude cross platform thing then VS is the best IDE i can think of on the planet as of now, Qt creator is still behind though not too far.

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