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Typica: Qt Based Software for Coffee Roasters

  • Typica is a cross platform application for data logging and tracking other records commonly generated in coffee roasting firms. It makes extensive use of Qt (GUI, XML, Script, WebKit, SQL, &c.) and has been under development since 2007. Today I released version 1.4 which adds several new features including limited support for logging data from devices using the Modbus RTU protocol, the ability to generate calibrated data series to make roast profiles portable between different coffee roasters (provided the heat transfer characteristics are sufficiently similar), and the ability to translate roasting data over the time axis as seen in the video at:

    The program is free software released under the MIT license and is used by many coffee roasting firms throughout the world. Available at: and formerly featured in the Qt Ambassador program. Qt has been a joy to use on this project and development would have been much slower without it.

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    Cool, thanks for sharing!

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