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Certificate delivery issue

  • Hello.
    I've passed the Nokia Qt Certified Developer exam on 31.08.2012, but I didn't get certificate yet.
    I've tried to use contact form (, but nobody replied.
    Who is sending certificates now, Digia or Nokia?

  • I have the same situation

    I passed two exams and(2012 August, Sept) no certificates yet, same with the contact form.

    I noticed that there were complains in Linkedin threads too.

    I guess it's a global issue of transfering Qt from Nokia to Digia, and somebody should give official response.

  • Stay positive, I passed the 1st exam in August 2012 and got my certificate yesterday.

  • I just received my certificate

  • So did you get Nokia certified Qt developer or Digia certified Qt developer written on your certificate ?

    Silly question m just curious to know if any changes have been done :)

  • My certificates still have Nokia on it. I received them in the same period.

    I guess Digia is doing an effort to make things right as soon as possible and putting -itself- their logo on a lower priority. (putting Digia name on the certs would take more time, because it's not just a printout)

  • Thanks for the reply Eddy, I too think that will take time but there should be some updates from Digia as well :)

  • I have passed Qt Essentials exam about week ago. At Pearson VUE site and during test there was Digia title everywhere.

    Also I have communicated via email with Digia's manager about certificates. He said that there was some problems with certificate's system because of integration problems from Nokia to Digia, but it is running smoothly now.

  • Yeah, mine is Nokia too.

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