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[Feature request] Clickable breadcrumbs in Wiki for categories

  • Can we have clickable (linked) category links for the Wiki pages when there are super-categories of the current page, like we do in the forums?

    Compare the navigation in the wiki to these in the forums:

    ! comparison)!

    This would help navigating up from e.g. the downloads category to a higher wiki page.

    In the screenshot below, the wiki breadcrumbs should say:

    Wiki Home > LanguageBindings -> PySide -> Downloads (downloads should be bold, PySide and LanguageBindings should be clickable links to the category overview pages).

  • yeah, both usability and consistency would have been better

  • How do you even see all the wiki pages? There doesn't seem to be any structure :. Someone mentioned an article in wiki but I didn't know how to find it. Searching didn't help as I wasn't really sure of the name.

  • For the page in the screenshot above got to

    Wiki home

    Click on "Overview" of Language Bindings, which opens Category:LanguageBindings

    Go to the middle of the page, section Subcategories and click on PySide

    That's indeed a bit awkward to find. The more I think on it the more I tend to the conclusion that the wiki structure is not as easy and convenient to navigate through as it could be. I will do some research on other sides to give examples of how it may work better.

  • thp, your suggestion is definetely better than current situation. Also it will help for better ui similarity in wiki and forum.

  • One more addition. When you go to article history it will be nice to have article name clickable (as now) and non clickable element with name like "History".

  • The forum works differently in that there is only one path to a thread, so it can always display the path in the breadcrumbs.

    Each wiki article can have multiple categories. So you can only display the breadcrumb if the user has manually clicked on that category (in their history).

  • [quote author="xsacha" date="1291434237"]The forum works differently in that there is only one path to a thread, so it can always display the path in the breadcrumbs.[/quote]

    As described in my original post, the idea is to have these breadcrumbs for Category pages only where there is a "super-category". I don't think it's a good idea to include history in the breadcrumbs. What I want is just to have an easy way to go from a sub-category to its super-category without having to manually edit the URL or go through the home page.

  • There are wiki entries with 'HowTo', 'Learning', 'Snippet', 'Quick' and more. Which breadcrumbs would they receive?

  • This is only for Categories. Please read the title of this thread. Then read the first post again. If the wiki page is not a category, nothing will change. Or if pseudocode is easier to understand:

    if pagename.startswith('Category:')
    supercategories = pagename.split('::')
    for category in supercategories:
    if category != supercategories[-1]:
    print link_to(category)
    print bold(category)
    print bold(pagename)

    It even says "for category pages only" in my last post. It's okay if you don't get it - just wait until it's implemented and it will become clear. In case there are real questions about the implementation from people who actually do the implementation, I'll be happy to answer them over at the bug tracker:

  • As for this suggestion, it seems it is only for subcategories. That's fine and simple. You are only covering a subset of the wiki.

    However, I am interested in there being some structure for all entries (from sub-categories). Of course the ones I mentioned have (multiple) categories attached. This makes it difficult but not impossible.

    I guess your answer is 'No breadcrumb'.

    Perhaps I'll suggest an alternative.


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