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Combined splitterhandle for subwindows

  • Hi all,

    I've been trying to do something like this with QSplitter;

    I could get it to work if I add another object and synch the horizontal and vertical splitters to it, but it's a hack instead of a real solution.

    The author from the youtube link above summarized it as using OpenGL directly with the low Win32/Xlib APIs.

    I was wondering if I should try to implement custom splitterhandle that handles four viewports, or should I code the handle and the subwindows directly in OpenGL? I would prefer to have a splitter/splitterhandle solution if it's feasible as that could be used for other Qt classes as well.

    Any pointers?


    Best Regards,

  • Moderators

    If you want to do this in Qt, then I would do it in a way that enables you to use the existing widgets. If you don't you are bound to put boring videos up on youtube resizing empty areas in a window:-) So I would go for custom splitter.

    But then I completely fail to see the point of this video:-)

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