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Plugin para o QtCreator: TFS

  • Sei que muitos usam o Qt usando componentes opensource para o controle de versão como git, cvs, svn (que funcionam perfeitamente , e eu também uso).
    Estou tentando fazer a empresa aqui adotar o Qt para projetos C++, e a falta de um plugin para TFS (para o controle de versão) atrapalha um pouco.
    Estou pensando em criar (já comecei, na realidade) este plugin e queria saber se alguém aqui já criou algo para o QtCreator.
    Achei a documentação muito vaga.

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    Sorry, I don't speak portugese, so I have to reply in english:)

    Several people have contributed VCS plugins already, so it seems to be a manageable task. I would recommend using the bazaar/mercurial plugins as a reference as those are rather new, have not too many features and make good use of the infrastructure we have in place.

    Feel free to ask questions on the Qt creator "mailing list": or on IRC (qt-creator on if you prefer something more interactive.

  • Thanks.

    I'm looking at cvs, svn and clearcase plugins and comparing them to make tfs (source control only). They are very similars.
    My idea is publish after the plugin working here.

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    The cvs and svn plugins are rather old and do not make full use of what we have implemented since then. ClearCase is our newest VCS plugin, but it was modeled after subversion.

    Please consider to contribute any work you do on Creator or Qt over via "gerrit": . For legal reasons we can not accept code via any other way.

    Contributing to the project provides you with the advantage that we know about your plugin and build it regularly, fixing the stuff (to the best of our knowledge/test abilities) we break. You are free to not contribute, but then you are mostly left alone with all the work required to keep it working.

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