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QtCreator and BlackBerry

  • Just found this instructions on how to set up QtCreator to support BlackBerry as target, "Setting up Qt Creator for BlackBerry and QNX":

    Have anyone tried it? Currently I'm on OS X and can't try it on Linux (the instructions seems to be written for Linux). It didn't work for me.

    Is BB10 supposed to work or is the support only for the old NDK supporting the PlayBook?

  • Hm, not sure, but with QtCreator 2.6 QNX is supported as a plattform in QtCreator.
    But I don't know if this is also valid for Cascades. But as BB10 NDK uses also qmake for Cascades, that could be possible.

    Since yesterday there is a QtCreator 2.6 RC available with installers.

  • Since I start to porting my project from BB OS6 to BB10.
    I am still frustrating of QNX Momentics tool. Crash in debug mode and also on QML edit mode.
    I really hope can have a stable tool can do my job.

  • The QNX plugin in Qt Creator supports the latest NDK for BB10. It has been tested on Mac too, I'm quite surprised you had issues (the steps are mostly the same as on Linux).

    There's actually no support of Cascades in Qt Creator: you will be able to compile, deploy, but you won't have completion and the editor will probably show you a lot of errors.

  • Regarding the RAD Editor for QML, I always found them useless, in QtCreator and in Momentics.
    But I write mostly pure QML without Widgets for my apps.

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