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Qt on QNX: no QtFeedback?

  • So, I have written a little demo app, which I am trying to port to BB10 today.
    The app does not a lot, but one feature is activate the Vibration of the device.
    This is done via QtFeedback/QFeedbackHapticsEffect.

    Which is missing, with some other stuff in the includes Directory of qt4 in my SDK Version.
    Is there support for this?

  • QtFeedback is part of QtMobility. There is only a small subset of it that is currently implemented for BB10 (if I remember correctly, only QtSensors, but there may be new ones since).

  • Yes, but the code I'm porting is already running under harmattan.
    So I already have QtMobility included.

    Another Issue I found is the sensors. They do compile, but won't link for the simulator.
    So without a device, you can't make use of them right now, as it seems.

  • QtFeedback is not implemented yet for BB10. So this will definitely not work right now. Which simulator do you mean? The Qt simulator or the BB10 simulator?

  • Ofc the BB10 Simulator, I would not be posting here otherwise ;)

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