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Qt use in India

  • Friends, what do you think of Qt development in India. I see only a few openings in Qt.

  • QT has a better future in india after 2015

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    Why only after 2015?

  • it may take some time as open source is now a days known only to college students in india.
    there are no teachers to educate such concepts, so as per my view it may be good for open source after 2015

  • Qt is both an open source and commercial platform. Many big companies are using Qt. I guess these are commercial customers. Seeing job opportunities in India, I guess there are more openings now on the embedded side, some openings in desktop and nothing on mobile side. I'am more optimistic now regarding Qt. Once there is full support for ios and Android with Qt 5.2, there is a chance for an explosive growth in Qt opportunities. 2014 should be the deciding year.

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