New Member Using Qt on Playbook : Current Status & Some Directions from you Chaps

  • Good Morning Guys,

    I'd just like to introduce myself. My real name is Matthew and I've been a hacker as long as I can remember.

    I'm currently trying out various gesture based UI experiments on Playbook. I've been programming using Qt framework for about 6 years now. Programming C++ since about 1991 and programming in general since sometime in the late 70's.

    My progress is as follows. I picked up a 64gig Playbook, setup dev mode, register with blackberry, got the NDK, built Qt 4.8.3, did all that crazy key signing, compiled "hello world" from the wiki example and installed the app via wifi. Neat feature that. AND... After 2 evenings of learning about blackberry NDK and that key process (I'm no crypto guy so it was a bit baffling) I had my application running. Neat.

    During this process I found some good web pages on debug token setup that I think should be shared via the qt-project blackberry wiki (if not already present). I also (I think ) found some simple-to-fix problems with a wiki page or 2. Is it acceptable to just go in and edit those pages?

    I have a few other questions I'll put in to different threads.


  • Moderators

    Yes, Wikis are meant to be edited by users. If there are pages that should not be edited, then those will be locked by the administrators.

  • Hi and welcome. The launch page for all things Blackberry and Qt related is here

    Please feel free to improve these.

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