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[solved] Window title in forums changed

  • The window title in some forum pages is prefixed with "Powered By ExpressionEngine". Seems not to be what you guys wanted :-)

    It's at least on the forum entry page and the search result pages of the Forum menu.

  • I added an issue about that in our tracker only 15 minutes ago, in some earlier life we must have been twins. :)

  • Cool! Some quantum effect on the Qt DevNet ... I always knew these Trolls did more than only ordinary computer science!

  • This is fixed now.

    New title structure is:
    @<title>Window title in forums changed | Forums | Qt Developer Network</title> @

  • Looks nice.

    Another additional suggestion:
    On the pages "Active Topics", "New Topic Search" and "Unanswered Posts, the title is "Index | Forums | Qt Developer Network". It would be nice if that would change to the actual Name of the page.

  • Had to swap "Forums" back to "Qt DevNet forums" due to the e-mail alert using it. Hum.

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