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  • Hi,

    I have followed "this": guide to setup my environment.
    I compiled succesfully Qt 4.8.3 and made a new "BlackBerry Qt Quick Application" in Qt Creator.

    I don't see common components (like Button, Slider etc) in the Qt import directory. Is there a way to compile components ? Or (maybe a silly question) use Cascades components with Qt Creator ?

    thanks in advance

  • Oh! was not aware that Qt Creator support was on the way always thought the eclipse based IDE was official supported platform for BBX10/QNX development.

  • @marcoB - you'll need Symbian components. Here you go(4.8.3 + symbian components)

    About cascades, I don't know :(

  • borceg: thank you very much ! I was just reading related posts on BB forum :)

    I tryed with the link you posted, but don't know why creator 2.6 beta doesn't take the qmake of that. I didn't tryed so much, but I would like to compile components myself and got some issue. Here what I did:

    @export QTDIR=/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.8.3-QNX/
    source /opt/bbndk/
    export QMAKESPEC=/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.8.3-QNX/mkspecs/blackberry-armv7le-qcc
    ./configure -symbian -nomake tests -nomake demos -nomake examples@

    but make complain about missing libraries QtDeclarative, QtGui and QtCore. Also if I add
    @export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.8.3-QNX/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH@
    I have the same problem.

    Any suggestions ?
    thanks for you time

  • wow, writig things late in the night helps :)

    I modified
    @LIBS += -lbps@
    @LIBS += -lbps -L/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.8.3-QNX/lib@
    and it compiles. But I will try to run something tomorrow :)


  • contents of bin folder (qmake, moc, rc, lrelease, uic) is compiled on Linux machine, so they run on Linux os. Maybe you're on mac ?

  • yes, thats the problem. I use debian 64 bit.

    Now the components are compiled fine, but when run an app on device it gives an error:
    plugin cannot be loaded for module "": The plugin '/apps/ID.testDev_ID_________91b_____/native/imports/com/nokia/symbian.1.1/' uses incompatible Qt library. Expected build key "arm blackberry qcc no-pkg-config", got "arm blackberry g++ no-pkg-config" @

    but I can't figure out how I compiled it with g++ instead of qcc

  • Check mkspecs. Default should be used, not blackberry-armv7le-qcc. Main talk is going to be on bb support forums, ok ?

  • Hi, Marco. Maybe you will find my project "QuickCascades": also useful. It's in very draft state for now, but has some working things. The aim is to have Qt Quick components for building Cascades like UI,

  • Thank you trollixx, it sounds like a nice project :)

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