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Cross compiling Raspbian Qt5

  • Hi everybody,

    I have tried qtonpi using the QtOnPi image from the Raspberry site and cross compiled using "armv5tel-qtonpi-linux-gnueabi-gcc" compiler toolchain on my debian box. It works perfectly, but I dislike the QtOnPi distro on the Raspberry and would like to use the raspbian distro (the 2012-08-16... image).
    Do I need to use the linaro toolchain and recompile everything on my linux box, or can I use the qt50-snapshot from on my RPi and still use the toolchain previously installed on my debian host to generate and deploy apps to the RPi ?
    I must admit that the whole process is not very clear to me, even after reading a maximum of documents around here. In particualr I don't catch exactly what is needed on the RPi and on the host linux box to cross compile apps.
    The qt50-snapshot contains lib, includes, modules for the RPi but what do I need on the linux host (qmake, sysroot , ...)
    A bit confusing to me
    Any clarifications welcome !

    [[moved as requested. Tobias]]

  • OK, I found that the qt50_snapshots are easy to use on the RPi, as long as you set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable appropriately.
    I runned Qt5 sample programs on it without problems.
    Now my problem is to cross compile for the RPi on my linux debian wheezy laptop with qtcreator for the RPi, with the Raspbian image (and the qt50_snapshots) used on the RPi.
    The problem is :
    What do I need on my laptop to be able to cross-compile for the RPi.
    I have downloaded the linaro compiler, I understand that I need a qmake with appropriate mkspecs, but it is not clear to me how to get or generate these.
    Could anyone give some pointers on that ?

  • Hello there,

    Any small hint ?

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