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Extension the views (Table / Tree)

  • Hi,

    I think it would be a good extension to QTreeView and QTableView to fix (freez) som rows / columns so they are not scrolled. I saw a sollution with two tables to ensure that, but thats a workaround from my point of view. This feature can be very helpful, e.g. if you want to have som staff like auto filters (like in excel) that should be always visible.
    But this feature would need to be implemented in the base classes and can't be added by derived classes (afaik).

    What do you think. Is this really helpful or am I just silly :-))

  • Moderators

    I agree that this feature is very helpful for somebody wanting to implement a spreadsheet, but it is really not needed for the vast majority of developers that just want to display a table containing some data. Should those pay (in library size and maybe even implementation overhead) for a feature a couple of users need?

    There are great tableviews with advanced functionality like freezing, cells spanning multiple rows/columns, etc. available from third party developers. I think that is a good compromise between ease of use for spreadsheet developers and normal guys like me:-)

  • I agree with Tobias above: this seems to be the territory for third party widget providers.

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