ISO-10303 EXPRESS Viewer

  • Hello,

    The "ISO-10303 EXPRESS" is a standard modeling language coming from the early 90's. It is mainly used to define Data Exchange File formats.
    Widely used Exchange Formats based on EXPRESS are for example STEP AP214 in 3D Mechanical CAD, IFC in architecture / Buildings or STEP-TAS in aerospace thermal analysis.

    One year ago, Mark Pictor started to clean and upgrade the "dead" STEP Class Library originating from the NIST (National Institute for Standard & Technology). This lead to the "StepCode project": .

    "SCView": is an EXPRESS data viewer, based on Stepcode and QT

    ! Application)!

    The diagram view is based on the QGraphicsView framework.
    The Express text view is a TextEdit with a syntax highlighter

    This all work quite quick


    This application is far from being finished.
    Using Qt was a pleasure again since most of the required components are available.
    (I'm just missing a Graph layout like graphViz ;o)


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