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Qtonpi doesn’t built with Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu 8.0.4

  • Hello forum,

    I have the problem to successfully setup the Raspberry Pi with my Ubuntu 8.0.4 system (laptop).
    Used the instructions in SD-card image on Pi works.

    QT setup works fine but the step 8 in "Hello QtonPi! " generates an error "main.o not generated" because
    GLIBC 2.11 is missing. Ubuntu 8.0.4 has GLIBC2.7 installed.

    How can I install the missing libraries? Is the e a self-extracting binary file?

    Thanks all,

  • welcome to devnet

    You know that ubuntu 8.0.4 is not the freshest one anymore? I was warned recently that 10.04 is no longer officially supported.
    Is it completely out of question to upgrade to a more recent version of ubuntu?

  • Hi Mad,

    yesterday I started with Ubuntu 12, but my laptop is too (!!) slowly; P4, 1.6 GHz.
    So I decieded to an earlier version tah works some years ago.

    How can I install/update the GLIBC so the qtonpi example built an works?

    Thank you,

  • my experience is too limited on linux to be of help on this issue.
    However, "Google, Bing and the others": are your best friends then. Personally I would assume you have better chances to expect some help from concerning building the glibc if you have to.

  • any other help?? How can I update the glibc 2.7 to 2.11 ??
    What steps should I do?

  • Moderators

    Update your distribution. Glibc is the basis for almost every application in your distribution, so the only reliable way to update it is to update the distribution where everything is then tested with the new glibc.

    If you do not want to update your linux: Rebuild Qt Creator, Qt, etc. using your old distribution. That way you get binaries that are compatible with your system.

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