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German translations

  • Hi there,
    I started to translate some articles into German. By the way, I added some categories - I hope that's ok

  • perfectly fine as long as there is no duplication of categories :)

    even say if there is duplication, it will eventually get corrected by the wiki users or when someone reports it to the admin

  • Is there any information available concerning categories needed (wanted)? I think this should go into a wiki page...

  • It would be nice if there was a clear policy for how translations are structured in the Wiki. Right now, everything seems to be ad hoc, and the list of translations for a page is not updated. It would be nice if there was e.g. a language prefix (i.e. "/de/") for translated Wiki pages, and then the Wiki software could figure out the list of languages for an article (e.g. /wiki/de == /wiki, but in German, /wiki/de == /wiki, but in French, /wiki/de/PySide == /wiki/PySide, but in German, etc..).

    It would also be nice to standardize on whether to use "Deutsch" (German for German) or "German" (English for German) in wiki page names and links.

    Another idea: Show a short notice at the top of the page if the original (English) page has been edited later than the translated page, so that translators know that they might have to update the translated page to reflect the current state of the original wiki page.

  • I think "German" would fit better than the currently used "Deutsch" - German Pages seem to be the only ones that use the native language name in wiki titles.

    If there would be Template pages that could be included, the local navigation between several translations should be made very easy.

    The outdated function for translations would by really useful, but its implementation seems to be complicated.

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