Qt at Oslo University College

  • Hi all!

    My first post in this forum involves mentioning that Oslo University College will be teaching GUI and C++ using Qt next semester.
    I have taught programming at the institution previously but see this as very challenging. Both the Qt framework and the C++ language are new to the students. The students are third year Bachelor students in the engineering field.

    As soon as the website is set up I will post a link here so that you also can follow the course partly.

    Look forward to adapt information from the slides published here.

  • Waiting with interest, I’ve been wondering how well people could learn Qt, like compared to pure cpp or Java.

  • Wow thats nice,

    I was talking to one of my Professors from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore and was telling her to introduce Qt into curriculum for Computer Science students, will try and convince her more on this.

    I can tell her Oslo University College has done it.. Thanks :)

  • BMS is like the top ranked college in Bangalore and it would be great!
    Wonder if they would be needing some additional help to teach Qt to the students :-P

  • Wainting with interest too, because we, at University of Debrecen, could just wish Qt as part of the curriculum, just as Ashwin. But who knows, maybe we will start to teach it on our own.

    An electrical engeneering student...

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