How to use Qt to architect an interactive pretty print calculator interface

  • I want to make an interactive pretty print ( calculator that uses formulas like you might find in a text book, only they are editable, and movable. I have done some GUI stuff in Qt/C++, putting widgets together and drawing on them, but not anything like this.

    I plain to have the calculating and input parsing parts in a separate package, and my input for the front end would be something like MathML. So this question only has to do with how to display editable pretty print formulas. I was pointed to the MML widget but as far as I can tell it generates an uneditable bitmap like picture, but I will test it out more. I think I will need to have widgets that are embedded in each other and change how they draw themselves depending on what is in them or what they are in, and they will also have to respond to mouse and keyboard input. I want to be able to move them around on a page and drop them on each other. What Qt components would lend themselves to this kind of application, and what are some ideas on how to architect the interface?


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    Try to look at Qt-based TeXmacs sources - there you may find an answer for your question.

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    You may want to have a look on to "QWTMathMLDocument":

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