Need to Hire !! Qt Expert

  • I had already put this post on the Desktop thread but was advised to post it here.

    I want to get a software built in Qt framework.

    I tried to find a Qt expert on websites like Vworker and Elance but was not successful.
    Thus I am posting my request here .

    This software application is meant to encrypt and license
    my Video Tutorials so that I can sell them to various
    Schools and Individuals.

    I am putting the description of the project below

    I need to sell my Video tutorials. For that I need to get a software developed having the specific features I require. This Software should be able to pack my videos and distribute them to my customers (individuals and institutions) .

    It should have a licensing and distribution mechanism built in and should prevent users from illegally copying the video content. I would like to sell my video content packed using this software and also sell this packing software as a service to other Video Sellers.

    It is important that the packed Video File can be installed and played on all the operating systems ( like Windows, Mac, if possible Linux ).

    The Video Packing and licensing Software would be a *Server based application *(SAAS) .

    However the packed Video File so created by our Software would be a Desktop application ( so that Videos can run directy from the hard disk of the customer )

    To achieve the Cross-Platform compatibility I propose the use of any of the framework below.

    1. AIR ( Adobe Integrated Runtime )
    2. JVM ( Java Virtual Machine )
    3. Qt ( It is a C++ based Framework ) —- Best Option due to native interaction with OS

    More Project details would be provided to you ( developer/coder ) if you are interested in working on this Project.


  • Dear Shahryar,

    I am not sure that Qt is a good choice for the server side. Java looks more attractive for that task.

    The client side looks like yet another video player that gets specially filtered (processed) input. So, look on existing players, that support plugins (not definitely Qt-based, maybe different for different platforms).

    So, not very attractive proposal for the Qt developer. Sorry, it is just my opinion.


  • Hello Blex,

    Glad that atleast somebody responded to my post. Your opinion is well taken. By Java, did your mean JVM. The test of encryption and decryption of videos on the fly using JVM were not encouraging. The lag was noticeable.

    I had posted my project overview here with the hope some Qt expert would respond and would like to work on my project. I am ready to accept a bid upto USD 10,000 for the completion of my project. I have created a requirement sheet and some wire diagrams.

    If anybody is interested then pls email me at mailshahryar [at]
    The money would be escrowed in full before the commencement of the project.
    I accept bids through elance or vworker.

    Thank You

  • [quote author="Video_Project" date="1290340502"]By Java, did your mean JVM. The test of encryption and decryption of videos on the fly using JVM were not encouraging. The lag was noticeable.[/quote]

    Probably the best approach is to use Java-based framework to deal with incoming connections (Apache Tomcat, Struts, Spring etc.) and to use JNI (Java native interface) to call the C functions for encoding/decoding video.

    I will drop link to your post to my friends, probably it will be interesting to somebody.

    Thanks and Good Luck with your project.

  • I agreed with blex. But pure C is also good choice to write some server-side applications. Choice of techonology depends from your task.

  • I hope you don't mind my curiosity (or stupidity) but is this just a video or are you actually going to have some "other" software around it?

    If it is mainly a video why not use one of the many available DRM platforms to distribute content? Maybe even a solution that is flash based so you can add some interaction.

  • Actually, Qt fits to server side quite well, IMHO better than Java: it has less overhead. Given you are using only qt-core, and maybe qt-network, it gives about... 2.7M + 1.2M of libraries to server, instead of Java’s full framework...

    Well, most distros don’t have separate Qt packages, but this applies to memory consumption too.

    I’ve ran certain Qt program for few now:
    smar 9666 0.0 0.0 49324 240 pts/8 S Oct31 0:00 ./netcatpaste/build/netcatpaste

    Back to topic... I don’t really have time for yet another project, my work and Jambi is taking my time quite well, so it’d be a bit hard to put few weeks solely to some project :)

    Qt fits especially to encoding stuff well, because you can take native library which provides stuff you need (Qca might be enough, too), and using that to handle all cpu intensive stuff, eliminating need to write JNI code for Java to do this, for example.

    And little note about this ”encrypting”. Do you want own player that plays the file, or do you want video files processed so that they can’t be copied but still can be played by players that exists now?

    Latter is impossible. Totally, completely, and will always be.

    First can be cracked quite easily too: just buy a licence and use screen capture program to capture the video. Sure, this degrades the quality, but from author’s point of view result is practically same. Programs like that, after some popularity, often get cracked, algorithm used to scramble the video file has been solved, and they can make their own decoder for the file format, and just using that to unencrypt the files and release them...

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