Freelance Qt Developer

  • Hi, devnet.

    Now I am searching for the work. I want to get experience in commercial or opensource projects. My skills are:

    • Good level in QtCore and QtGui
    • Can work in command with Git
    • Mobile development skills in MeeGo
    • QtScript
    • Experience in QtXml
    • Third-party: QJson, QScintilla, QCA

    It will be great if you send your invatations into my email threw devnet built-in send-email system.


  • [quote author="tucnak" date="1341339743"]opensource projects[/quote]

    In my opinion you should not be waiting for someone to invite you to join open source projects. Just visit "GitHub":, "Gitorious": or "SourceForge": and get involved in appropriate and interesting for you open source projects.

  • Yeah, I agree: work with applications, and start scratching your itches with them. KDE might be a good place to start: Qt from top to bottom!

  • Thanks for your answers!

    I haven't tried KDE yet but I will and share my experience. Thanks.

  • The nice thing about KDE is that you can find your place no matter what interests you - from fancy graphics and QML, to low level stuff.

    It /would/ be better if you have had used something from our workshop before, because you'd get into the story easier, and you'd have an idea what is in a need of improving, and what suits you to work on.

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